The spirit of Texas – 24-Hour Layover: San Antonio

 A nice review of one way to spend a day in San Antonio – of course, I would add a lot of things to this list (like visiting the San Antonio Zoo, which is pretty nice).

 If you do visit the Zoo here go to the Grizzly Bears and call out for “Montana” while raising your arms above your head in a “grizzly bear attack mode” – Montana will normally mimic your pose – and you’ll instantly become a hero to every small child in the area – and every parent with a camera will ask you to do it again, so they can get the shot!

The McNay Art Museum is also a favorite – and it’s different every time I visit.  It’s free, but they certainly appreciate donations.

The Quadrangle at Fort Sam Houston, just north of downtown is also a favorite – especially if you have small children.  The enclosed courtyard has many tame deer, ducks, rabbits, etc that are very used to people (and appreciate apples, carrots and lettuce – not available at the scene, so come prepared).  Often when my kids were young we would stop by for a couple hour visit – feeding the animals and eating a picnic lunch.  The Quadrangle is also free.

San Antonio is also widely known for the number and variety of eateries so no matter what your palette desires, you’ll find it (and the prices will generally surprise you – San Antonio is a very inexpensive major city to live in).

If you’re planning a trip to San Antonio – for half a day, or a week, feel free to let us know – many of my reader’s are from here as well, and we can customize suggestions based on your needs/desires (and maybe we can even join you for a margarita or two!)

San Antonio is very much like the Tejano music that gives it its characteristic pulse—passionate if a bit sentimental, vibrantly colorful, and funky enough to groove to the nasal wail of accordions.  Its food is fiery hot, its dance halls even hotter, and its ability to tickle the visitor (with fascinating historic sights, scenic riverside strolls, top-notch museums and cultural festivals) has made it a red-hot force in the tourism industry, Texas’ most popular city, drawing 7 million visitors each year.

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