The Spring of 1982

These posts take a lot of my time – more than I realize even.  But 20 pages and 10,000 words isn’t easy, or fast.

So I finished Part Five last week.  And we aren’t even to the West Coast yet.  This is easily another five part story.  We haven’t even ridden half of the ride yet!

So here’s the deal – I need encouragement.  I need feedback.  Click on the stars to rate the previous chapters, or leave a comment telling me what you did or didn’t like.

I’m planning on taking a little break from this story – but you could change my mind 😉



  1. Jon – I am glad you are enjoying it. I usually enjoy writing it – especially when I don’t feel like I HAVE to write it 🙂 – then it feels like work!

    I have most of the next post complete, and (and this is really cool) – one of my old buddies found this series of posts – he was on the ride with me. We haven’t spoke in >15 years, but we spoke this morning.

    He got a kick out of the posts, but he questioned some of my story, and wondered why I left some things out he thinks are important.

    So I think I’ll do a catch-up post before I release part 6 – call it a part 5.5, where I set some facts straight, and lay some foundation for the additional memories that Danny has added.

    But I doubt it will be this week – I have a big week this week 🙂

    Thanks for reading, Jon – and for commenting!


  2. Rob, please finish. It’s the main reason I found/subscribed to your site. Granted I enjoy your other posts, but the motorcycle story has grabbed my attention!