The Spring of 1982 – Part 5.5 – The Clarifications

OK, so one of the guys I actually rode with called me after he found this post (quite accidentally).   Danny is his real first name, but he really doesn’t want to be linked (physically or electronically!) to this story.  So from now on, we will call him Danny.

The first thing Danny did was call me an idiot (but politely).  This story DID NOT happen in the spring of 1982.  It was actually the spring of 1983.  Duh – BIG mistake on my part.  After he told me that, I thought about it – and he was right – it was the last year I was in the Navy that I made this trip.  1983.  I got out of the Navy in DEC 1983, and got married in FEB 1984.

So shit – now what do I do?  Try and rename the whole damned thing?  No – that’s too much work for me.  It was over twenty years ago, and who really cares it it was 23 or 22 years ago?  And if I don’t care, why should anyone?


BIG ERROR NUMBER TWO was forgetting a two bike, one truck motorcycle accident.  That will be the lead-in to the next segment, kind of a brief flash-back (hey, every sitcom can do it, why can’t I?).  The accident didn’t directly involve me (but it did, says Danny, affect Danny)… so I forgot about it.  Selfish me.

Anyway, I offered Danny an editorial position over these posts.  He said no.  He says he enjoys reading them, and reliving them, but better some of his past stay in his past.  I understand.  Not everyone can walk naked on a nudist beach without feeling uncomfortable.  Different strokes…

The way I look at it, all of my life experiences – from mistakes I have made, people I have hurt, chemicals I have abused – all of those experiences combined make me who I am right now – this day.  And I’m not totally unhappy with who I am.  For a while I was, but I just decided to be happier.  Really – I made a decision that I was going to die one way or the other, so I might as well die happy. And since I don’t know WHEN I will die, I try to just always stay happy.

Sorry – rambling.

So the problem with Danny now is that he won’t tell me if I am screwing up until after I post it.  By then, it’s a public screw-up.  Danny – I really wish you would at least look at a post in advance, via email or something -if you agree to do it, I won’t even mention that you’ve agreed to do it.

But I know he’s looking over my shoulder…  and that is kind of weird.  For some reason, I’m finding it hard to just sit and think the story.

So I am working through my own style of writer’s block.

Technically, I am curious to see if the next post has a different “feel to it” compared to the last ones. 



  1. Hey deannie, to overcome the block, shouldn’t he get the *others* to put their clothes back on? 😉

    Go on Rob, I really thought these things happened only in movies….

  2. deannie says:

    Somwhere in that post I stopped reading when I got to the part about walking naked on a nudist beach…

    Oh, I think you have writer’s block. Could it be the nudist beach? PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON! 😆