The Spring of 1982 – part 5.5.5

I am *really* close to finishing this next part.  Just two tired to re-read it now (after watching game 2 of the NBA Finals – scary, wasn’t it – heh).


Anyway, here is a teaser from it…

We were at an advantage though – our friends were in front of us (and him), and we were not in a hurry.  Trucker’s usually are.  We fell back – way back.  We had fuel for another hour, (yes, motorcycles get AMAZING mileage – but they also have VERY small gas tanks… so we had to stop about every 2.5-3 hours for gas).  We had an hour left. 

Maybe less, it turned out.  We were heading uphill now – fairly steeply.  We didn’t burn a lot of gas, but the truck did.  He needed to stop before we did – just about ten minutes up the road.  As he pulled off the highway into a truck stop we pulled over on the shoulder.  We needed to chat.  And we started discussing where the next gas station might be (Google Maps didn’t exist then.  Hell, Google didn’t exist then.  Commercial GPS didn’t exist.  We were guessing.

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