The Spring of 1982 – The Clone

I just received an email from someone that showed me another blog that has reprinted my “Spring of 1982” series of posts almost word for word.

They have a gazillion sponsored Motorcycle ads on the site.  They probably make more in a day from ads then I have since I started running ads a few months ago (I’ve made <$30).

I was asked if this pisses me off – and it doesn’t.  It might have, a year ago.  Today, I feel differently.  I have Hugh Mcleod freely letting people use his stuff, and Scott Adams realizing that individuals using his stuff on blogs and such is often in his best interest.  How can I disagree with them, when they have content that has an actual demonstrated value?

So no, it doesn’t bother me that someone is replicating my work.  Actually, it makes me feel pretty good.  Because unlike a blog-spammer, the people doing this aren’t picking random posts – they are specifically stealing a series of posts (and making edits to them!).  So they consider it worth their time to steal.  Cool 🙂