The state of Russian venture capital

This is a very interesting Scoble video.  It transcends just tech talk – it makes it very apparent that our world is shrinking (and in a very good way).

Oddly enough, about four hours after watching this I was on the phone chatting with two entrepreneurs doing a startup in Kiev.

Go watch the video – Yuri comes across as the nearly perfect ambassador to moving Russian companies into partnerships with the tech world throughout the planet.  Smart, capable, and confident.  I hope he is extremely successful.

Yuri Ammosov, a senior policy officer of the Russian Government in charge of venture capital and high tech development programs, talks with me about how Russia is flush with cash thanks to the rising energy prices (they are one of the world’s leading oil producers) and are working with Silicon Valley venture capital firms to diversify its economy. We talk about some of the smart people and smart companies that are popping up in Russia and tons of other stuff too.

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The state of Russian venture capital | Technology and Entertainment Video Network