The unimportant things we do…

And the really important things we leave undone.

We spend our time reading/watching about what the latest Hollywood slut/dick has done stupid this week so we can gossip about it in the office tomorrow. Yet we don’t know where our son’s and daughter’s are, or who they are with tonight.

We curse our Government for not doing enough AND for spending too much. For over-reacting AND for reacting too slowly. We want more of them and less of them both. Yet we don’t vote.

We complain about how horrible traffic is and how “government should just fix it” – but we bitch about spending the money and we refuse to ride/support mass transit.

We manicure our lawns and make our homes look pretty and tidy, and we neglect to make sure our minds are left in the same shape every weekend.

We fastidiously respond to our online friends while our family waits for us to get offline so they can discuss their day with us.

We make fun of people that are poor and happy, and idolize those that are rich and miserable.

We say we respect our troops and that we support them – but we won’t allow our children to serve.

I don’t know what brought this on, or even where I intended it to go. But I do know I meet a lot more unhappy people now than I did just five years ago.

I decided a few years ago to be happy, and to do what’s fun for me, and important to me. I haven’t totally succeeded – but I haven’t totally failed. I am happier than I was two years ago, and I have a wonderful relationship with my kids. They are my closest friends – and neither of them are on my Facebook or Flickr communities.

AND I vote. AND I know where my kids are and who they are with. AND I don’t expect “government” to take care of me. AND I don’t really give a shit if my house is dusty or my lawn unkempt.

I do care that life offers me more than “work”. Quality of life has little to do with income and everything to do with outlook. I just decided to increase my quality of life by changing my outlook.

It’s really quite nice, if you can pull it off. It’s just a mental trick – you decide to be happier and to enjoy more of what you have, and envy less of what you do not.

It’s about living today, not just surviving it.


  1. Well said Rob.

    I have also been having a hard time with these notions in the last few months. It would be really great to “simplify” life and do what matters most more of the time than what makes the most.