The World Wide Computer (AKA, Twitter)

I know – a lot of Twitter posts lately.

I’m meeting a friend for lunch today and wanted to find a certain restaurant I had heard about some time ago, but had never been to.  I couldn’t find it in Google search, so I posted this on Twitter:



Just about ten minutes later a Twitter friend (Michael May, AKA Joffi), who lives in Michigan!,  sent me the answer.  Evidently he is better at search than I am!



But Twitter makes for a damned powerful distributed computing platform.  And a very effective Search Engine!


  1. Btw, why is lving in Michigan emphasized? I could probably ferret the answer out with the same skills as I found the found your restaurant – btw, Sarges Hideout, hides well, well named – however, I’m worn out from that endeavor already.