There are people I like hanging out with, people I like drinking and hanging out with, and people I can’t stand drinking and hanging out with

Fortunately tonight I had some drinks with people I like hanging out with (and drinking with).  One of them is an author, and he wrote this book.  And this one.

He’s an interesting guy.  I play poker with him, and I bought a house from his wife.

You can get the book(s) off the Amazon links above, or you can order them directly from Chris (I think he keeps more of the money if you order from him directly, but I am not “zactly” clear on that.

But if you have ANY interest at all in handgun use, personal safety, assuming responsibility for your safety, etc, you will order the books.

The other of course is Bruce, who has been a better friend than most people deserve to have.

(Disclaimer – I have a part ownership in Bruce’s company, TriAgility – but they are damned good developers and immensely decent people).