There are some mistakes you just can’t recover from

I first heard this from a friend of mine, and I’ve had this discussion with my own kids often – there really are mistakes that you either can’t recover from, or they make life extremely difficult.

Some of these that I have talked to my kids about include teenage pregnancy, DUIs, failing in school, dropping out of school, a moment of distraction in an automobile, ANY felony.

On the local news tonight they aired a story about a 15 YEAR OLD PREGNANT GIRL THAT WAS DRIVING LATE AT NIGHT AND WAS ATTACKED AND INJURED.  15.  Pregnant.  Driving late at night.  WTF?

Not minimizing what she went through, but evidently she has no realization that actions have consequences – you would think she would have learned this after BEING PREGNANT AT 15!!!

But she didn’t – she was, at FIFTEEN out driving very late at night.

I hate to bring Darwin into this, but I just don’t know what else to say about it without thinking (and maybe secretly hoping) that Darwin was right, and that his theory is at work every day.

I feel sorry for the girl, but gosh, she sure did put herself in some crappy situations, didn’t she!?