There is a paid Internet Hit out for making fun of Scoble…

So I figure I can triple my money by making fun of him, Dave Winer, and Hugh Macleod, all in one post!


Robert Scoble (left) and Dave Winer (right) finally agreed that RSS was cool, and that they were as well.

Other bloggers were somewhat shocked to learn that Dave was really Batman, but Dave wasn’t – he suspected it for a long time!

Most of the rest of the world assumed Robert was Robin all along.



Hugh Macleod (who used to light all of Dave Winer’s cigarettes for him) realized that his career was over when Dave  turned his back on his smoking brethren, and left Hugh out in the street to starve.

Hugh, rarely a shirker, decided to write Dave a note, but had only an old business card from some company Dave started a decade ago that everyone had forgotten about – and Hugh couldn’t actually write very well… so instead he drew Dave a note on the back of the business card.




The good news for Hugh was that Dave never got the message (and  some argue he still hasn’t – well, not ANY of the messages actually).  But Hugh found a new vocation – he became a wino – and his lifestyle really didn’t change!

This isn’t the end of the story, but I only get 2 cents for this, so I’ll write the other 2 cents worth another time!

So what do you think?  Can I earn a penny or two for making fun of people?  No?  Damn.




  1. ThinkingBrain says:

    I see Scoble’s nickel and give you a nice shiny new quarter…wait, that won’t even make a phone call anymore will it? 🙄

  2. I laughed! But uh..please may I never become an A lister blogger so that folks will get paid to make fun of me….

  3. This joke may have backfired – I’m not sure Robert realized it was a parody of the crap people are getting paid to write about him.

    *sigh* – I thought it was funny, and that Robert, Dave and Hugh would all enjoy it.

    My apologies if I upset any of them!


  4. Damn – sent the dog out for it, he got run over, and now my children are crying. Robert Scoble *IS* an evil son of a bitch – he killed my dog!



  5. I just tossed a nickel on the street by your feet!