There Will be No Justice Until Michael Vick Ends Up in a Jail Cell

I love football. High School, College, Arena, NFL – does not matter to me – I live for American Football. It’s a wonderfully simple and complex game that mixes pure strength with military-like strategy and unbelievable athleticism.

And I don’t agree with V. I do not think Michael Vick should go to prison (if convicted).

I think he should be eaten alive by rabid dogs. He does not deserve a jail cell. I put animal abuse right up there close to child abuse – big dumb-ass people harming smaller unprotected beings. They don’t deserve jail. Or to be “put down like a dog”. Generally dogs are put down fairly humanely. But not by Michael Vick, by all accounts.

He burned them. Beat them. Slammed them into the ground until they were lifeless. Sometimes they were humanely SHOT to death.

Does he deserve more from society that he gave to his “pets”?

And yes – I know some of you think he is “innocent”. Bullshit – he has blood on his hands – even if he didn’t actually harm a single dog himself. It’s even uglier than that. He wasn’t doing this for any reason except profit and pleasure. He’s a fucking millionaire! He is was on national TV every other week for being a player – now he is for being a sadist. But money wasn’t enough – that ego wasn’t stroked enough. Because he is a sadist. And sadists may be a lot of things, but satisfied isn’t high on their list.

And that is one sick son of a bitch who enjoys such things. I DO NOT want him in my NFL. I do not even want him in my fucking gene pool. It takes a completely twisted and warped mind to watch animals you have raised destroy each other simply for pleasure and profit. If you get pleasure out of stuff like this then do humanity a favor – eat a bullet. Because if you will treat a dog like this – you WILL treat a person like this. Even a child.

No, Michael Vick does not deserve to go to jail. He deserves stuff we won’t even do to Al Quida. He deserves a Tomahawk shoved up his ass and a “bunker-buster” bomb strapped to his genitals.

Boom! Problem solved.

Please, NFL – never let this animal back in the game.

For those of you who havent heard, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Michael Vick, was indicted by the grand jury on charges of sponsoring and participating in dog fighting. If that’s not disgusting enough, Vick and his cronies killed weaker dogs (or dogs unwilling to fight) using absolutely deplorable, inhumane methods such as drowning, electrocution, hanging, or slamming their poor bodies into the ground. A lot of people have reacted to the charges against Michael Vick with stunned disbelief. They wonder to themselves how its possible for a person to be so sadistic and cruel to a helpless creature. Unfortunately for me, I do not have the luxury of their naiveté. After all, I saw my own Mother punt a helpless, injured kitten across my backyard without a second thought. So its really no surprise to me that there are other people out there just as cold and evil as she was. Michael Vick should rot in jail or hell or both for what he did to those dogs.

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  1. ewww. I don’t keep up with sports news at all so this is the first I understand why this individual has been in the headlines. I really can’t fathom this. 🙁