They do grow up

It’s Friday night, midnight.  The kids went to a friend’s for an XBOX party (just like they had here last weekend).  I know the other kids a bit better now, so I’m a lot more comfortable with my kids being out so late than I would have been even a week ago.  Still, it’s raining, and it’ll be the danger hours (drunks on the road) when they head home.

But I know they are not kids anymore – at 18 and 16 I know I have to let them go do their own things – but that doesn’t mean I can’t worry about them.

I remember the first time I realized I would have to let one of my kids do something dangerous – it was a couple years ago – Derek was maybe 16, when one of my ex-employees called at 10:00PM to ask if Derek wanted to go on an airplane ride.  In a two-seater, with my not even 21 year old employee as the pilot.  At night.  So my employee could “get practice at night landings”.  I *really* didn’t want to say yes, but I knew not many 16 year olds would have a chance like that – and that Derek’s chances of getting another offer were slim.

So I let him go.  But I worried about him the whole time. 

And that’s what parents all end up doing at some point – letting kids go, letting them grow.  And worrying about them.


  1. Ha ha .. yeah. When you get down to it, it’s all pov’s. I mean, I know I speak absolute truth .. but how come noone listens?

  2. It’s sometimes interesting to see how parents think. I’m having some trouble with them lately, but maybe, from their POV, it’s correct…

  3. Nope. No more kids for me. Would require some micro-surgery! I’ve been fixed for well over a decade.

    🙂 I love the idea of some kind of center though – I always thought it would be cool to open a school that taught kids how to do a startup – from an early age (like starting at ten or so). Startups are one of the best ways to establish wealth, and they also tend to teach people principles that aren’t learned anywhere else (how to share, how to manage money, how to deal with people, etc).

    We’ll see.I hope I still have a lot of time left 😉

  4. I guess you could always have a few more kids.

    Or you could do something like a ” Center For Children Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too” ..

    I kind of dread my kids leaving home .. going to school was bad enough :).

  5. Hah! Then Stu from FeedGhost will get a kick out of this thread!

    I should have looked at your email or IP address 🙂

    But still – four very young kids! Wow! I envy you though – as mine get ready to leave, I wonder what they hell I do next!


  6. Rob, ha ha. I wish I could claim to be that Stu. However, I’m a different Stu. Still Stu. But not Stu of the FeedGhost variety.

  7. Stu – glad to see you here – I’ve been watching your work on FeedGhost (and I do have the current version installed). FeedGhost is becoming my Onfolio replacement – my research tool. Keep up the good work!

    Four kids, only one starting school? Did you EVER let that woman get a full night’s sleep? 😆

  8. Rob,

    Nice work. I’ve got 4 little ones (the eldest just having started school), and it’s pretty scary to think about what’s ahead. Good. Exciting. Scary. All bundled into a fun little package due to be opened some time in the future.

  9. Paul – that video is… disturbing! I would have love to have seen the discussion play out more. But that lady looks whacked to me!

  10. I really commend you for realizing birds have to leave the nest one day and for overcoming your protective instincts and innate parental fears. That takes both brains and guts.

    I’m not sure if I would have let MY 16 y/o (had I had one) go practice night landings with a 21 y/o, but that has probably more to do with my own experience with 2-seater (Cessna 152) night landings (at San Antonio International, with 10mph cross winds, an MD80 in front of me, a 737 pushing behind me, and a traffic controler with such a heavy drawl I could barely understand him ;-))

    Anyway, here’s a link to a video of a parent who’s clearly not ready yet to give in to her own ‘fears’ and let her child ‘be himself’ ..
    I posted it here: link

  11. Yuvi – yes, I guess that I may seem pretty liberal. But the kids haven’t gotten into any trouble, they have almost straight-A’s in school, and they weren’t far away.

    At some point, a parent has to just trust that they’ve taught their kids the right things, and trust that they’ll follow that guidance.

    I imagine it’s different for every kid, and parent, as to when that time is.

  12. You people are pretty liberal, so as to say. My Dad won’t let me use my own computer in our own house after 10 🙁

    That sucks, ‘coz that means I’ll be asleep when the blogosphere is the most active (daytime in the USA)

    And, btw, 16 and 18 year olds *are* still kids, no matter what we ourselves think….

  13. 2 AM. Kids are home. I can sleep now 🙂