They quit. And I feel drained over it.

I have a group of friends outside my local group of friends.  They had a good idea, and they spent a couple months chasing it.  I helped them as a friend will, and as best I could.

But they quit today.  They just gave up.  They are all going back to J.O.B.S.

I feel bad for them – really bad.  Mostly because I know they think they have now given it their “one shot at glory”.  They are unlikely to try it again.

What this really means (ok – MIGHT mean) is that none of them will ever truly be happy in life – they will always wonder – “Did we quit too soon”, “What else could I have done”, or “Should I have tried again?”

They will probably never know.  And no matter how well they do working for someone else, they will always know they failed at building something for themselves.

I determined about four years ago that I would never put myself in the position of “not trying hard enough” again.  Or of “quitting too soon”.

Since then I have tried:

  • Recruiting.  I actually started three recruiting companies and DID have a small bit of success in it – but it just didn’t fit my personality (I don’t want to sell stuff to people – I want people to come to me and buy stuff (a huge difference!))
  • Programming – yes, I thought I could get back into it and pull it off.  I couldn’t, and I didn’t.
  • Building a MySpace/Facebook style startup.  Nope – I wasn’t ready to manage people in that environment.  Hell, I wasn’t even ready to qualify who would work well in that environment.

Those are three failures JUST since I decided to fail only on my own – to not depend on a company succeeding or failing, but to only depend on myself.  But I tried again.  I tried something that I thought was the least likely thing I could do and make money, and be happy with.  I tried consulting.

Now I don’t think you get what I mean by consulting – I am not the guy in the Dilbert cartoon that comes in and tells everyone what they are doing wrong, collects a big check, and walks away.

Generally I take as little cash from the company (and in some cases zero cash) and get as much equity as I can.  Equity can be of zero value, or it can change your life.  I’m counting on some of that equity being valuable one day.  Perhaps I am wrong.  But at least I am trying.  I didn’t quit.

My goal in life is to make money while I am sleeping – so I can spend my waking moments doing things that are really important to me.

Not quitting is important to me.