Things I am Jealous of

  1. People that can nap, yet still sleep at night.
  2. People that are always confident.
  3. Cities that have stoplights timed.
  4. People that have been in love for decades.
  5. People that can garden.
  6. Fiber to the home.
  7. The energy and inquisitiveness of Youth
  8. Anyone with a computer newer than mine.
  9. People that are organized.
  10. People that are satisfied.
  11. (BONUS) People that can spell well.


  1. @Paul – good idea. Look for that soon. I am a lucky SOB, so that should be easier 🙂


  2. Paul Claessen says:

    To avoid getting depressed by focusing on other people’s cherishable traits that you lack, I think you should balance this post with 11 traits of yourself that you think OTHER people should be jealous of.

  3. Deannie says:

    Luckily for #5 we have Whole Foods…

  4. If I had #1 in the bag, I wouldn’t be awake now 🙂 And #5 – I wish I had a garden. I love vegies – just can’t grow them 🙁


  5. Deannie says:

    Wow…I want many of those things too. #1 & 5 I have in the bag.