Things I do instead of working…

About 4 months ago I started ripping as much of this music as I could find from my CD collection to a folder on my HD. 

After I was done I had only 127 of the 500 songs. 

I bought all of them I could as singles from iTunes and other stores…

But I’m still 16 songs short.  I’ll either have to find them in a record store (do they still exist?) or buy the full album to get them all.

Why do I want them all?  Because I don’t have them all, of course!

I stripped the DRM out of the ones I have, and now they are the “only” music on my Sansa e260 DAP.

I love every one of the songs I’ve listened to so far, some more than others, but there is no “bad music” in this list!

So I managed to waste a ton of time, money and bandwidth, but now I have MANY hours of enjoyment – and yet another excuse to do something besides working!

I am also pleased that I don’t ever recall hearing a lot of these songs – and many others I didn’t know the title/band.

Gotta go – the music beckons!