Things I do on a Sunday night

I remove all of the ammo from the clip I keep in my 9mm. and replace the clip with another one that hasn’t been stressed recently.  I need springs that aren’t tired.  The previous clip is put into a new rotation.  But I always have two loaded clips (that’s 30 shots) if I need them.

I wash my A/C filters.  They are washable and reusable, I have two sets.

And I wash my blue jeans.

Sometimes my shirts, depending on what else is going on.  Usually I do shirts, underwear (which I usually wear) and socks (which I rarely wear) on Wed.

I check another little three shot derringer to make sure it is loaded, and ready. It’s almost a hundred years old and still just works.  You have to love quality engineering.

I am not paranoid – but I am prepared.  I am not afraid, but I am cautious.  I do not expect trouble, but I recognize it may find me.  Weapons do not make me feel powerful – but they don’t scare me.  It’s just something I am used to.  Guns have been a part of my life for almost my entire life.  I’ve been shot at, and shot back.  I’ve been shot, and shot people.  The first time I was shot I was only about twelve.  My brothers are reading this now for the first time – but they’ll know who Mike Gromer is, and they’ll realize he was crazy enough to shoot me.

He shot me from about ten feet away with his .22 caliber rifle he had just gotten as a gift.  We were on his grandparents farm (Backbreak Acres!).  We were sitting on the back glassed-in porch and he was just messing around, thinking it wasn’t loaded. It was. He nicked my left knee-cap.  I told my parents I fell ice-skating or something.  It really did look like just a bad gash – I doubt our family doctor would have known it was a gunshot even if I went to a doctor.

In any case, I also check on our birds – two canaries – and make sure they are happy.  They aren’t my responsibility, but I do like having them chirping around.  So I make sure they are not forgotten, and sometimes I let them fly around for a while.  They seem terrified to be out of their cage though, so I think I enjoy their “freedom” more than they do.

I start all my stuff.  Lawnmowers and motorcycle in the winter (and the summer, for that matter).  I let them run a bit -just like I let the birds run. 

Everything wants to feel useful, even machines.  Ignore them for too long and they’ll give up on you. 

Just like people.