Things I don’t like

I don’t like the fact my bank can’t pay electronically today a bill that is due tomorrow.  The bank always needs at least a week.  But PayPal and online Poker sites seem to move my money where I want it in well under a day.  I imagine the bank just wants to keep my money as long as it can, and that makes me dislike my bank.

I don’t like the fact I can’t delete channels from my Time Warner on-screen Guide.  I never, ever, ever watch home shopping channels. Let me delete them – I’ll still be (reluctantly) paying for these channels – but I wouldn’t have to be bothered by them.  The fact that I PAY for the Guide, and have no control over the guide makes me not like my cable company.

I don’t like these “Sheriff’s organizations” that call me trying to guilt me into sending money for police officers that were killed in the line of duty.  If the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines did that people would be raising hell.  While I absolutely respect the service police officers perform I don’t need someone calling me at dinner time trying to guilt me into a donation.  And that’s why it does not even bother me to be rude to them anymore.

I don’t like wait-staff that don’t tell me their name (unless I am eating cheap and they have a name tag).  I love wait-staff that tells me their name and makes me feel welcome.  I tip a lot less if you don’t tell me your name.  And I hate the manager coming over and shaking my hand just before I eat. I am no germophobe but shaking my hand just before I eat is stupid!  And I don’t feel bad for tipping less when you deliver less.  There is no imaginary “minimum” in my mind.  I buy the food, I tip for the friendly service.  So don’t tell me about your shitty day.  I don’t give a damn.

I’m really a pretty easy customer to please. In fact, I am generally pleased when I see people trying hard.  Even if heir efforts have lackluster results.


  1. I have to agree with you regarding banks and electronic transfers. A lot of companies are good about getting money from you if you call them to make a payment by phone. I am finding as my time is more and more limited (I must do something about *that*) that I rely on electronic transfers much more.

  2. @Ike – I realized they weren’t keeping most of the proceeds, but this is criminal! It should be illegal for that much of a donation to be going to “overhead”. 😥

  3. Here’s another reason not to feel guilty about being rude to those Sheriff’s organizations.

    They typically average more than 85% fundraising overhead.

    Next time they call, start pressing them on specifics. Make them squirm a little. Or a lot, if I know anything about you, Rob.