Things I take for granted today…

My Cable Box died today.  It’s the FIFTH Time Warner HDTV cable box (Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD) in less than two years.  No, the hard drive didn’t fail – something else did.

Anyway, since the connections to my HDTV are complex (read – a million freaking wires) I didn’t want to mess with rewiring cable direct to the TV, so my daughter and I watched TV tonight on my main laptop (IBM T42p) via my SlingBox.  In full screen.

It was only after we had been watching it for 20 minutes or so that I realized I was watching full-screen video, wirelessly – and it was “picture perfect”.  I’ve just grown accustomed to WiFi working, and working well.

It’s cool I helped invent it.  It’s more cool that it works so well I hardly remember how amazing the technology is!


  1. Here! *hands him some Benedryl*

  2. Hmmm – where’s my data on defect rates? I know I have it around here somewhere…

  3. TESTING my software would have helped perfect it ONLY if you would have found flaws .. but that, of course, never happened.

    Right? 😉

    And yes, I personally would put the number of people who worked on this technology easily on a multiple of thousand.

  4. Well, technically, since you are a developer, and I not only developed software, but ran the Quality group that tested the software, I did both 😉

    But there’s probably an easy thousand or so other people that contributed as well!


  5. “It’s cool I helped invent it”

    You may have helped invent it … but I have helped perfect it! 😉