Things that annoy me

Web “stuff” that ads no value.  This picture, for example. 

When you mouse over the image (link below to the original site) you get a smaller, less useful, image pop up.


What possible purpose does this “utility” add?

It’s showing me less of what I could already see – and it is sucking up bandwidth to do it.

Crap.  Pure crap.

Link to It is all about hope. Isn’t it? « Putzz Greella


  1. Georgete – Don’t worry – I’ve played with enough useless “bells and whistles” on my blog here – I know it’s tempting to “add stuff”. Your blog just happened to be the one I used as an example 🙂

    Take care, keep blogging!


  2. Hey thanks for your comment on Putzz Greella blog. This image was not supposed to have any extra functionality such as moving the mouse over it and expecting to bring or take viewers to someplace else. I just removed that code and the image is simple as it was supposed to be. Super thanks! I heard you and I made the change. I agree, it was anoying.

    Have fun…