Things you don’t know about me

I don’t know what compels me to share stuff like this.  I’m sure it’s a defect.  Probably genetic 🙂

1. I’ve been described by an “A-List” blogger as, “The most connected guy you’ve never heard of.”  Some explanation here – I do know a lot of people in “Silicon Valley”.  Not as friends, or face-to-face – but I have talked to a lot of them.  Let’s say we hang out in the same “cyber-places” and that we have a lot of the same interests.  Living in the Bay Area is not one of them.

2. My Windows Registry is cleaner than my house.

3.  I spend 10x more a year on Geek Shit than I do on healthcare.

4. I rarely pay a bill on time, but I always pay my bills.  I am awful at managing this kind of thing.  Every bill I can pay automatically I do.  But some I still can’t do automatically.  They get paid late.  Another example – my driver’s license is expired.  I’ve known for ten days, but I’ve had more important things to do.  And yes, I am still driving – the date printed on a piece of paper 6 years ago holds no special magic for me – I didn’t forget how to drive in the last two weeks.  I’ll get to it when I get to it.

5. The highest level of math I ever had was Algebra – in sixth grade.  Yet I’ve been making my living programming/dealing with computers for 20 years (Hint – computers can do the math for you!)  Also – I scored so high on my ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery [I think]  — Military Entrance Exam, basically) that they had me take the NSQT (Nuclear Skills Qualification Test).  Had I scored two more questions correctly I might have been in a nuclear submarine.  Thank your lucky stars I never took Physics! (I did end up on a nuclear sub anyway though – but only for a very brief time (3 months) and only for some training (I was doing the training).  And that is all I can say about that 😉

6. I’ve always been interested in other cultures – in High School I had “Eastern European Studies”, “Asian History”, two Humanities courses, Mythology, “Greek Studies” and more.  I never thought then that I would be making a living by working with people in some of those very places. (Note – the “Mythology” place referred to here is the place where Developers meet their self-made deadlines!)  [Sorry.  That was just for Paul – to see if he is paying attention.  He owes me a steak dinner and seems to be avoided that debt!]

  7. I rarely throw away old computers – I “re-purpose” them.  The oldest computer in my house is an eight year old Dell ~400 MHz something or other that now runs FreeNAS and serves as the central storage computer for my whole family.  The computer I am typing on now is a Toshiba “REV A” Tablet PC –  it was my main computer for a number of years.  Now it the computer that sits on my bedside table.  It has never crashed, or broken, or had a recall.  Sometime “version One” can be very good!  It isn’t fast – but it doesn’t need to be.  It only needs to be fast enough for me to blog from.  It isn’t iPhone cool – but long after your iPhone is in a California dump, this computer might well still be running.  All without a $79.00 battery replacement each year.

8. Although I rarely pay my bills on time, I *hate* owing people.  I don’t have a credit card.  All of my vehicles/toys are paid for.  I do have a house payment – and would desperately like to get rid of it.  This is also a huge driving factor for me trying to “go green” and reduce my reliance on the electrical grid.  Sure, I want to save the planet – but I also don’t want to have to pay that freaking utility bill every month (why can’t they do it like insurance and let me pay either every month, three months, six months, whatever?!?!? Having to pay a bill every 30 freaking days it crazy!  Doesn’t anyone else think this is a huge waste of our collective time?  Thought just occurred to me – what if you made your house payment automatically  at the end of every day?  What would it do to you your actual home cost (because of interest) if you paid daily for your home?  Someone out there good at math?  Seems it should be easy to figure out.  And I bet a $100,000 house would save at least ten thousand dollars on a 30 year mortgage if you “pay as you go”.  It’s interesting that I now make less than 25% of my income from 4 years ago (but I am gaining equity in companies I work with – so who knows if these are the most productive years of my life, or a total waste of time?  Only time will tell).  Yet I live in the same house I owned then.  And my lifestyle hasn’t really changed. When you don’t owe people, your money buys more.  Yes – it is that fucking simple, people. Interest, in case you don’t know, SUCKS.

9. I honestly think I will be homeless some day.  Either because I totally screw up, or because I choose not to ever have an address again.  Or I get sick of reality and check out of it.  I am not sure which it will be.

10. I’ve never lied on this blog – I have exaggerated – but not to the point of dishonesty.  Let’s say I have “added color” on occasion.  Sometimes the story needs a little bit of color to get people to read an entire post.  And as long as the basic story is true, I see no problem with adding color.  At least I admit I am doing it.

All that being said, I do think I am one of the most sane people I know.  I don’t let companies that I am a customer of push me around.  I don’t pay thousands of dollars a year in interest on plastic.  I refuse to let myself be defined by credit-mongers and I do what I want to do on most days.  I work at my house.  I work on what I want to work on, and I only work with people that I like.  It’s amazing how many more hours you can find in the day when you aren’t working for assholes.

I’ve raised wonderful talented kids, but I have not done it in an orthodox manner.  I’m still not.  My kids are 16 and 18 and are just now taking driver’s education, and neither of them will be driving in the foreseeable future.  Why?  Because they need a J.O.B. first.  No job, no driving.  Most of their friends don’t have jobs and have been driving for years.  I think it’s wrong to give kids such important privileges unless they have earned them.  Call me old-fashioned if you must.  I think I’m just clever.  I saved thousands in insurance costs alone!

Finally, I honestly don’t even care if you find this interesting!  But I found it interesting to go through writing it. So I amused Rob today 🙂 


  1. Drool.

  2. @Deannie – yes – the toys have been part of my evil plot from the beginning 🙂

    And yes, they do tend to hang out here, or have friends hang out here. And that’s fine with me – at least that way I know what they are up to 😉

  3. Going back to your post, if your kids are like my kid, they have so much fun with all that geek paraphenelia at home that they don’t CARE if they don’t get to drive right now… 😆

  4. 😯 Food? Are we talking about food now? 🙂

  5. :mrgreen: You are one funny dude, Paul. Gonna cost you a fortune if they re-open just for me ❗

  6. “That was just for Paul – to see if he is paying attention. He owes me a steak dinner and seems to be avoided that debt!]”

    Not avoiding it: Made a reservation for you for tonight at the Old San Francisco Steak House.

  7. @Jon – oddly enough, it’s not my kids that think I am being unfair (or even their friends, really) – but MY friends think I am being unfair!

    Of course, once I invite them to step in and buy a car and pay for insurance they tend to lighten up on me 😉

  8. I also “re-purpose” old computers in my house via the power of Linux. Although I wonder if this is smarter than buying a couple huge computers and running everything in vm-ware…

    I was also told when I was 14 that no job, no car. Needless to say, I had a car, which I paid for myself 3 months later. I also got stuck paying for insurance, repairs, and gas, although now I think it made me a better person for it, although then I thought my parents were the most unfair people around…