Things You Should Be Jealous Of

Paul pushed me into this with his comment on my post from yesterday.  So Blame Him.

  1. I usually only need 3 hours of sleep a night.  That makes it easy for me to work a lot of hours in one day – because I love working.  When I love my work.
  2. I don’t eat much – one meal a day, at most.  Some days I just don’t eat.  I weigh 138 pounds.  I weighed 145 pounds when I joined the Navy – 30 years ago.  I have a metabolism from hell.
  3. I am a single parent – father.  Got custody of my kids when they were 10 and 12. They are now 18 and 20.  I haven’t fucked them up.
  4. I know who I am, and what I want.  Sure, I question myself at times, but basically I am happy being me.
  5. I get to teach, and this is extremely meaningful to me.
  6. If I can’t make a difference, I can’t work for you.  I need to be an “impact player” – or I take my ball and go home.  It is just how I roll.  In my current role, I am making a difference.
  7. I am divorced, and get along with my ex.  We have keys to each others homes.  We are friends.  We live close together, raise our kids together, and work as a parental unit.  No matter our personal history with each other. I got the best of both worlds.  My kids, and a mother involved in their lives.
  8. I work at home, whenever I want to – which is most of the time.  It is where I do my best work for customers, so my employer allows it.
  9. I live in San Antonio, TX, which is a place I have moved BACK to nearly a dozen times.  I will move again – from my current large home – but NOT from San Antonio.  I am here to stay.  This time.
  10. I have a very few employees – but they are really amazing employees, and I appreciate them every day.  They make me look good, feel good, and act better.  What more could you ask of employees?
  11. Finally – I am at a point in my life that I know what I want.  I know what I need.  And I work for a company that puts up with me sometimes being a bit crazy 🙂  They trust me.  And I trust them.  And THAT is something I have looked for for a long time.

So, Paul – I hope this satisfies you.  It was fun writing, because limiting it to 11 items was tough.



  1. deannie says:

    Well, I am pretty sure that because you don’t get enough sleep 😉 you forgot something that should have been in the top 11: friends who love & have stuck with you just as you are through the years.

  2. When you can say #4, you’ve got an enviable list, no matter what else is on it.

  3. Paul Claessen says:

    Unlike with being good, the problem with ‘lucky’ IS, that you can’t stick to it. You’re not lucky by choice or skill, only by chance.

    Just got back from my annual trip to Vegas. Too bad you weren’t there: I currently can USE your money!
    But I took other people’s money. People who foolishly thought that relying on luck was enough.

  4. I have done the no sleep thing, finishing up school last semester I went three straight days on no sleep finishing an assignment, it was cool until I started hallucinating a little while I was awake.

    I also find it fascinating that you are the manager and you work from home. Do they work from home also?

  5. You can keep the “good” I will stick with “lucky”. And the money 🙂


  6. Paul Claessen says:

    “Have I EVER lost money to you in poker?”


    I was talking about being GOOD at poker, not about being LUCKY.

  7. @Paul – Have I EVER lost money to you in poker? I don’t think so 🙂


  8. Paul Claessen says:

    Also: you need to sleep more, and eat better.
    No matter how loudly you argue you can do without either.
    You can’t.
    As a former medic, you should know better.

    As for being a poor poker player, that’s okay: don’t change that.

  9. Paul Claessen says:

    “So, Paul – I hope this satisfies you”

    This wasn’t about satisfying ME, but yourself.
    To make you see that being jealous of other people’s traits has a flip side.

    Besides, you forgot something on your original post:
    12. People that play poker better than me. Like Paul.


  10. I would agree – except this is based on my post from yesterday. So I think the title is appropriate.


  11. Uh… I would re-title the post to: “11 Things to Aspire to….”