Thinking different

Scott Adams of the Dilbert Blog (and the comic) always has interesting and though-provoking posts on all things from politics to religion (oh – they are the same thing now?  When did that happen?)

Today Scott talks about the Economics of War.  Interesting read, and it got me thinking about the economics of our current war – and how we can get the best return on an already significant investment.

From what I understand, a lot of the “evil-doers” are foreigners (the rare Rogue American trouper, Syrians, Saudis, Jordanians, Iranians, etc).  So let’s stop them from coming in.  Let’s pull all of our troupes out of Iraqi cities (except border cities and International Airports/Seaports).  Let’s protect two things – Iraqi borders and Iraqi Sea/Airspace.

Let’s keep the bad guys out while Iraq figures out if they actually want to become a civilized nation or a religious militia.  Let’s tell them something like,  “OK, we’ll give you two years while we protect entry to your country.  You are responsible for everything else.  Grow up”.

I dunno if it would work – but would it work any worse than what is happening now? 

Or we just take all of the people we trust to be decent and temporarily move them out of Iraq.  Then flatten what (and who) is left.  Repatriating and rebuilding would almost certainly be cheaper than what we are spending now.

And don’t get me wrong – I think getting rid of Saddam was the right thing for us to do.  I just think a good sniper could have accomplished the task.


  1. Heh – no, he wasn’t dead when the Allies considered a conditional peace.  But they wisely decided that that wouldn’t be a good idea.

    And look it up – Saddam killed over a hundred thousand (but seriously, what number makes it mass murder instead of just murder?).

    Also look into the number of people killed in Iraq since the war – many people question the 600K number.  Me?  I don’t know.  I find the number hard to believe, but then I find almost everything I read "hard to believe".  It’s an unbelievable world.

  2. Just for the record: I do NOT favor puting Sadam back into power. It’s just that some people are doing the number game: yes, he’s a mass murderer and brutally killed maybe thousands of people. And that is NOTHING compared to the 600,000 people who were killed in Iraq since the invasion by the allied forces .. and the end is not in sight.As for Hitler, there were good reasons noone considered putting him back into power: not only did he not kill thousands of people, but many MILLIONS, plus, a rather convincing argument: he was dead.

  3. First, I would argue that we have never seriously even tried to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into this country from Mexico – at least not until very recently.

    Second, I’m not suggesting that we can keep 100% lockdown on the borders – but if we cut the inflow of foreign fighters and weapons by 70% – would that make a difference?  I bet "Joe Blow" in Iraq would appreciate it.

    Saddam gets to find out the results of his trial November 5th (I think that’s the date I read), so he shouldn’t be much of a factor for long.  And anyone that is actually thinking putting a butcher like him back in power is seriously delusional – the man is not only a tyrant, but he’s a mass murderer.  Germany was pretty screwed up near the end of WWII, and nobody considered putting good old Adolph back in charge – yet Germany was rebuilt (and yes, read the reports of the internal strife in Germany following the war – it wasn’t easy and it took a decade to get Germany functioning independently again)


  4. Correction: Sadam is currently NOT an issue!And IF we pull out now, it’s even conceivable he’ll be back in power! So you may want to ‘address’ THAT issue, before you really actually leave. (Unless you secretly think what many others secretly think: LET him… he’s probably the one guy who can get it all back under control again).

  5. Have you ever looked at the actual length of the Iraqi borders and their environmental conditions? Do you really think we have enough troops to ‘close’ those borders while we can’t even keep illegal Mexicans our of our backyards?There’s currently only ONE reason the ‘coallation’ is in Iraq (Sadam is currently an issue): If the pull out, they’d "lose face".And we’d arther spend billions a day on an unwinnable war (despite having been there before -‘Nam-) than to lose face.Maybe, JUST maybe, when even your highest millitary commanders involved in the war are calling for an immediate pull out.. JUST maybe, it’s not a bad idea to consider following some expert advice!