This is why Microsoft is perceived as evil

Update – Please read this as well.

*** UPDATE *** It appears my posts to the MS WGA forum have been deleted.

*** UPDATE #2 – Even my post asking if my posts were deleted has been deleted.

*** UPDATE #3 – MS has blocked me from posting in the WGA forums, and they have deleted all of my posts. What did I say that caused THAT kind of reaction? They never even explained why they were deleting my posts, or why I would be blocked. But as soon as I would post something, it would disappear. Now I post something and it NEVER appears. Did I piss them off that bad? I don’t understand why. All I was asking is for a FAIR way to keep running Vista. All I asked was for them to take my money. *sigh*

*** Update number four – The WGA Forums for Vista just changed their “Read this first” text to

“Please post the results of the WGA diagnostics tool ( with any new question. Thank you!”Not sure why, but I am NOT sure I want to run any MS “diagnostic tools” right now. Not until I understand what the hell is going on, and why in the hell they are deleting and blocking my posts. Bill Gates – read this – fix this. This is bizarre! Why in the hell is MS reacting this way???*** Update #5 – Scoble just made a post about this: let’s see if that helps resolve anything. Microsoft – if you want to talk to me, call me. My number is 210-370-3861. Call collect if you want to. But have some answers – ’cause “Microsoft, you got some ‘splaining to do”.

*** Update #6 – I posted a new test post to the forum – and it’s stayed posted for about 5 minutes now. But clicking on the posts brings up an error page – although clipping on other posts does not. I have no clue what’s going on – but my earlier posts are still gone, so I have to assume they were pro-actively deleted by MS. Linke to the forum – be vocal!!!!! – Rob

*** Update #7 (and probably the last one tonite, unless MS calls me) – I can post to the forums again – but my posts appear for a minute or two and disappear again. I’m really frustrated by this, and I can’t believe MS is doing it. But this isn’t a life quest for me – at least not until after the Cowboys game is over. Am I disappointed, disgusted, frustrated and even appalled? Yes I am. MS has really done more then let me down today. They’ve embarrassed me for supporting them. They’ve lost some trust I don’t think they can ever regain. They have been evil. They have censored me. They have cut my voice off – ignored my opinions, and basically disposed of me. I won’t forget that anytime soon. Mostly I am sorry for the time and energy I have spend over the last year supporting Vista. I am heart-broken that I spent that time fruitlessly for a company that obviously doesn’t care, doesn’t get it, and could care less if I was a happy customer. I am dismayed that they cut me off without consultation. I am freaked out that they delete my posts. Best one word description for my experience with MS today: disgust. Rob

*** Update #8. I am now locked out of all MS support forums it appears. I get a messaqge telling me my account has been bloicked. My Passport Account. The one I have used since Psssport was created. The one I use for at least 15 different current MS betas. Great.

My post to the MS WGA forums regarding them killing Beta Tester’s Vista Installs today:

You break my Vista install. You claim it is because I do not have a valid installation, or a valid product key. Yet Microsoft supplied both the Key and the Software to me.

You used me to test your software.

Then you dick me by disabling my installation – and at the same time you do not even offer me a way to “buy a valid” key. You just shut me out. Closed the door.

You have purposefully and willfully screwed me, and made my computer and data nearly worthless to me – yet you offer absolutely no way for me to fix it.

You have assumed I am a thief – at least you have treated me as one. I have stolen nothing from you. I have pirated nothing from you. Instead, I have worked for you, for free, for almost a year. I have fed you bugs and tested the fixes. I have commented on your product positively time and time again. My Vista blog posts were picked up by Scoble, Digg, and others – almost all of the posts were positive.

I worked for you and with you every step of the way – and you thank me my killing my PC without warning – and I find that act to be very pathetic.

Your “MVP’s” in this forum (especially Carey Frisch) have all but called me – and others like me – a thief – as if I could steal a product that isn’t even offered to me for sale.

Fix this Microsoft. You owe me the opportunity to buy a retail copy of Vista before you completely kill my PC. You at LEAST owe me that.

Rob La Gesse

This is why Microsoft is perceived as evil


  1. Andrew – thanks for the post – and the support.

    I’m giving Ubuntu a spin… time will tell – but I know one thing – it won’t f**king expire on me!


  2. That is appalling, simply appalling. Reading this just astounds me beyond all belief.
    Good luck with your Ubuntu! It is what I am now using every working day.