This won’t help adoption of Microsoft Silverlight!

OutlookMy brother sent me this screen shot, so of course I had to go digging around – I mean, this isn’t a phishing site!

Click images for a larger view.

Below you can see a larger view of the "phishing site" warning.  I’ve seen this on a few sites before – but never on my own!




phishing So what causes it?


oddly enough,

it is Microsoft!

Really.  Look at the top post on my blog (as of this screen shot – or the post just before this one)

There is an embedded "Channel 10" video from Microsoft.

And it wants to install Silverlight.




If you already had Silverlight installed you wouldn’t see this error.

So basically, Microsoft is warning users that a piece of Microsoft Code is making my site look like a phishing site.

Poor form.


And yes, I did extensive testing of removing this post, having Silverlight installed vs not installed, etc.

The only way I can replicate the phishing warning is if I have Internet Explorer view this post and do NOT have Silverlight installed.

Fix, please?


  1. @Pip – that is interesting. Wish Microsoft was better at managing details like this. They have great products, but don;t seem to do well at getting them adopted. Perhaps the new Microsoft Mesh will solve that, in time.

    Thanks again,


  2. If a visitor does not already have silverlight installed the install button appears. If the installation process is configured to be a direct installation then it allows the user to install silverlight in the background without needing to leave your site. This seems to cause the phishing warning to be displayed. I have reproduced and eliminated the error by switching back and forth between both installation techniques. Unfortunately I still have not found a way to stop the phishing warning from appearing while implementing direct installation.


    Download Site:

  3. @Pip – thanks for the information. I didn’t do anything but use the embed to the video, so I assume this is something the person that hosts the video did?

    Love it when people stop by and offer information!

  4. This seems to be a result from stream lining the installation process. My sight did not have a phishing warning until I implemented the “Optimizing the Silverlight Installation Experience” from a white paper on Microsofts site.

  5. Sweet, back to my first comment then :). Lame.

  6. deannie says:

    It is truly frustrating, I have to agree and was really just teasing you. It makes it so hard on developers as they try mightily to create things that will work on the myriad of platforms…almost makes IE7 just that much more an issue as a platform.

  7. @Deannie, @Stu – nope. Really – this is not an April Fool’s joke. I really don’t want MS to think it is.

    What it is is silly – it is one part of MS not working with the other. They gotta fix that. Yahoo will just add more confusion. Wonder how they will deal with that?

  8. Urg, I guess it might be. Thought the post date was a good indicator, although we got April fools over here (aus) a fair bit earlier.

    Consider myself bushwacked.

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  9. deannie says:

    Are you SURE this isn’t your A/F joke? 😉

  10. Ha ha .. lame. Well that’s what you get for being a big huge behemoth.