Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: Flickr = Censorship

I posted a little while ago that I was VERY unhappy with Flickr.

Now I see this.

What to do?  How can we send a message to Yahoo?

I know how I’ll do it.  I’ll get my damn Yahoo login to my freaking Flickr account, and I will delete every photo there. I will replace them with one photo – this one:


Wanna have some fun?  Let’s all delete Flickr images and replace them with this “kiss my fat ass, Yahoo – IT IS MY STUFF” picture.


Ok.  I feel better.

A little better.

Oh, before I forget – Yahoo – KISS MY FAT ASS.

There – now I feel a LOT better 🙂




So a flickr photographer gets ripped off. Dares to complain about it. Has an outpouring of support on the internet over it and Yahoo decides censorship is the way to handle this? This is the worst I’ve seen from Yahoo yet.
You know when Yahoo decided to without my permission delete a photograph I’d posted of Michael Crook and along with it a long dialog of community conversation I was pissed. But I’m even more pissed now.

Source: Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: Flickr = Censorship


  1. Came across this initially on and it’s going to be very interesting to see how it plays out. The issue with unauthorised use of images on Flickr and similar photo-sharing sites is becoming more and more prevalent and is one that these sites need to address..

  2. And, if you’re serious about it, I’ll write a small script to do this… 😉

  3. That is pretty funny. 😈 Hopefully Flickr does the right think and puts the photo back up.