Tiger Woods 2008 – coming this August

My favorite XBOX 360 game is getting a facelift, and some very cool new features, like not only the ability to save a shot (or even an entire round) but to upload the shot (or the round) and challenge others to do better than I did.

I sure wish I would have had this when I hit a driver off the tee on a par 4. hit it over the green into the stands where it bounced out, and rolled directly into the cup.  Just an average hole-in-one!

See the video below.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 aims to take the sport to the next level with a new development team and a host of new game features. Taking online interaction beyond anything before in the series, EA Sports GamerNet enables players to create or play against interactive content. The game records everything from your greatest rounds to awe-inspiring shots which you can then post online for the world to try and beat. Earn points and the ultimate bragging rights by creating the best challenges or by beating them. Also featured is Game Face — now you can really put yourself in the game by uploading real-life photographs to create your in-game characters.