Tim Duncan Poker Tips

“You can’t bluff bad players” – this was just on the local news.  And it is SO true. I know. I am a bad player, and I won’t buy your bluff.  Instead I’ll make you pay for it.  Or I’ll lose my butt.  Either way, the odds are against you if you are bluffing me.

I like these little questions they ask the Spurs players about things outside of basketball.  It’s good marketing for me to think of these guys outside of the court.  Maybe I’ll buy an extra t-shirt or two.


  1. Yes, it IS quite satisfying to catch a bluffer .. BUT, that should be a by-product of playing good hands!
    In order to catch a bluffer, you need a pretty decent hand yourself, or nerves of steel and a huge chip stack… since there are two ways to catch a bluffer: a. call his bluff all the way to the river, but then you risk him actually MAKING a hand, and b. sharply reraising him (even putting him all in), but then you risk losing a HUGE pile of money if it turns out he wasn’t bluffing after all OR .. again, he makes some unlikely hand on the river when he calls, bebause you comitted him to the pot.

    My strategy with bluffers and pot stealers is to let them .. let THEM collect all the money from the weaker playes. Let THEM do all the work and run the risk. Then when you get YOUR monster hand, you simply take everything he has “collected and held for you” all that time.
    When I’m at a table with notorious pot stealers I’m always happily watching their stack grow .. because I already consider it mine .. Just pick your spot .. and then it’s “come to papa”! 😉

  2. I like waiting until I see someone getting frustrated, and seeing if I can determine when they *PLAY* frustrated, and bet out of frustration. It’s always fun to catch bluffing!

  3. It’s very tough to bluff very good players too!

    In general, bluffing is overrated (despite the pro’s telling you that you need to do it … while they laugh all the way to the bank).

    Bluffing in poker is best left to these pro’s who know (almost) exactly when to bluff. You have to pick your spot VERY carefully. There have to be VERY good reasons and indications of success, before you even consider bluffing.
    Going all in with you 7/2 off, just because you’re bored by not getting any hand, and justifying it as legitimate bluffing, is suicide.
    That’s not bluffing, that’s pure gambling … with VERY bad odds.
    Bluffing is an art. Sure, anyone can slap some paint on a canvas, but that doesn’t make you a Rembrandt.
    My advice: don’t bluff. Grind it: wait for the super hand. And in online low limit games, then sandbag with those mega hands.
    There. I just gave away my winning strategy!