Time for some written rules

I’ve never put into writing what I consider the “rules” to be for this site.

They are pretty simple.

  1. If you post it here, I’ll use it as I see fit.  Be careful.
  2. If you are rude, I’ll do as I see fit with your comments (I’ll trash them)
  3. If you are only promoting yourself and your interests, to no benefit to me or my readers, I’ll delete your comments as I see fit.
  4. I cuss, so you can.  As long as it isn’t belittling anyone.  Proper cussing is an art form – master it, or abandon it.
  5. I’ll delete anything at any time for any reason.  But not my own posts.  They’ll stay (I may try to bury them, but I won’t delete them).
  6. Don’t advertise here unless you are paying me something.
  7. Porn of any type, even in jest, won’t be tolerated.  Chances are my Spam filters will catch it, but if they don’t, I will.
  8. Be nice.  This is a generally nice site. With generally nice people.  Join us, or move on.

I’ll post these to a “page” on the navigation link at some point.  When I remember.

Until then, just be civil, and you can get away with a lot here (I sure do!)