Time Magazine Cover – Poor Taste?

1101080428_400A lot of Veterans are upset by the new Time cover image. Some Veterans are overtly hostile about.

Taking an iconic image of sacrifice and determination and using it for pure publicity is poor taste, to me.





0000018fBut I am not bent out of shape over it. Even though it is the image the US Marine Corp War Memorial is based on.

I can understand why some people are upset though.


  1. William Holtz says:

    I have previously written your magazine concerning this cover picture. Don’t know if it was ever recieved but since I see other veterans have written also I do believe that global warming is a serious problem,but to use the image of brave Marines on Iwo Jima as a method of conveying the message is a very poor choice. To degrade the sacrifices made by those Marines and many other veterans for the sake of a cover by deleting the American flag and subsituting it with a tree is beyond belief.