Time to reboot

I’ve been working on some background changes to the site – I increased bandwidth quite a bit, I’ve worked on a new template, and I’ve put together a new (much faster) server to host the blog.

I’m not quite ready to flip the switch over to the new site – mostly because I am not yet confident in my ability to replicate a MySQL database between servers.  It’s still a work in progress – but it’s close to completion.

My current goal is to finish the SQL scripting tomorrow, then move to the new server on Thursday/Friday.  I imagine I’ll screw something up and it’ll take me a day longer than it should 🙂

So right now I plan on having the server down for two days this week – THU and FRI, hopefully coming back up late Friday.  Don’t freak out if I’m down longer – it doesn’t mean I’ve quit blogging – it means I should quit being my own IT department!



  1. I can tell a difference too. Thanks!

    Time  Warner has two levels of service for home users – Premium boosts the upload rate to 1 Mb/s and the Download rate to 10Mb/s.  Standard is 384 Mb/s and 7Mb/s. 

    Since visitor’s here are affected primarily by the download speeds, it’s a nice jump.  I think it’s an extra ten bucks a month – but I can tell the difference.

  3. what do you mean that you are getting more bandwidth?

  4. You need an administrator 😉