Time Warner – Again

Yes – once again I did without all three of my services for most of the day.  My phone, my Cable Modem, and my Cable TV.  Damn, I want an alternative.  I had a lot of work to do today, so now I am way behind.  It’ll be a hectic evening, and it should have just been a comfortable day.

Thanks, Time Warner.  And special thanks to the sarcastic tech support asshole I talked to.  You were wrong, jackass, when you told me that “all of your services can’t be out”.  They were, dufus – that’s why I called you from my cell phone.

I don’t know many Time Warner customers that don’t want a choice (a different choice).  DirectTV?  Yeah, looked into them – but then I need to make other choices, like a phone company and an Internet provider.  If AT&T would get heir shit together and offer me IpTV I would probably jump on it.  If DirectTV also found a way to offer phone and Internet I would have jumped that direction a long time ago.  And if Grande Cable would ever get their shit together and run the damned cables to my house I would give them a spin.  Instead I am left with no real choices – except to continue to suffer through Time Warner, their crappy service and their sarcastic support.  Great.