Time Warner Cable

When I first saw this new marketing campaign by Time Warner, I wasn’t overly impressed.  I didn’t think the still shots I saw looked much like Manu.

But now I’ve seen the TV ads several times, and I have watched the videos online, and I have changed my mind.  Manu is a great spokesman for TW, and has been for a while.  Adding the AniManu to their web site adds a lot of “fun” to an otherwise hum-drum site.

AniManu should be extended to the FAQs section of the site – explaining to people how to program their DVR, etc.  AniManu should be the voice I get when I call in for automated support.

I would even pay Manu to work four hours a week in the call center – taking random support calls from customers.  Can you imagine how I would change my opinion of TW if I called to complain about something not working and Manu was on the line telling me, “Don’t worry about this, Rob.  We are going to make it ok”

Basically, I like this campaign – but I would open the floodgates, and make AniManu the face of TW San Antonio.  It’s an engaging animated character that already has the adoration and trust of many here in San Antonio.


Beginning Monday, May 14, 2007, visitors to the Time Warner Cable San Antonio (TWC) website, www.twc-sa.com, will be greeted by an animated version of Manu.  “AniManu” will introduce all of Time Warner Cable’s products and services and will even allow customers to access special offers. 

Source: Time Warner Cable


  1. Interesting ideas, I will pass them on.