Time Warner Outage #<whatever>

Yes, my Internet, Phone AND Cable were all out for six hours today.  I spent almost an hour on the phone with Time Warner just waiting to talk to someone – this is the single thing they must address quickly.  The wait times are absolutely unacceptable.  Even talking to Billing took me 40 minutes.

I have no idea what was wrong (and knowing Time Warner I never will).  It would be nice though to get an explanation every now and then.

Oh well, gonna post this while I still have a connection.

Not happy – again.  Thanks Time Warner for turning a beautiful day into a pain in the ass.



  1. Tad – I agree – TW does NOT have all their “you owe me money” systems in synch. This post by me about my latest outage is a good example – since *everything* stopped working at the same time (I admit that’s been pretty rare), I thought I had forgotten to pay my bill.

    Through the automated online recording they told me I owed them $295 (which is certainly possible, because to be honest, TW isn’t on the top of my list for people that *deserve* to get money on time from me – they haven’t earned that honor).

    So I paid with my debit card online. And then I finally got through to billing where they told me I was NOT overdue, and that they didn’t even have the “Pay it instantly” payment I had just made.

    So I overpayed Time Warner $300 this months and TODAY I get one of their little yellow envelopes (the ones I assume are designed to let your postal carrier and everyone else know you are a non-bill-paying-bum). They say I owe them almost $200. But the web site shows I have a ~$300 credit.

    So I don’t know what to believe when it comes to TW billing – the people, the computer, or the snail mail?

    I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how I would solve the TW problems I have had – from service to billing to technical support. I plan on writing a rather long post about that shortly.


  2. Here’s a good TWC one for you. I pay my bill online and I always pay the full statement amount due. I did this about 8 days ago. My account online shows nothing due as of right now. Today I get a Courtesy Notice in the mail thanking me for my recent payment. However, There is a small past due amount on the account in the amount of $2.52. Pay this amount within 10 days to avoid further collection activity.. WTF!!!!

  3. 🙂 It was good, too! Took a bit of flour, sprinkled in some crushed fried bacon, two eggs, a bit of chicken gravy mix, and my “old reliable” spice – Cavender’s Greek Seasoning.

    Breaded the chopped steak with the sticky mess, fried for a few minutes (because as we all know – frying kills all of the bad fatty stuff!). Put it in the oven while the cornbread was cooking and that was about it.

    Yoshi even got the left over gravy poured over his Pedigree – so he’s now a fat and happy little border collie!

    (Still mad at Time Warner though. These service outages DO seem to happen pretty often, don’t they?

  4. Killing me after my workout. I am REALLY hungry now

  5. You would think they could determine that you were USING YOUR BOX – and just delay until you aren’t using it! It’s easy enough to do – I know – I have been involved with “delayed install” programs before.

    Oh well. I’m cooking dinner. So for now life is good – got some “healthy” chicken fried steak and corn bread going on here! Mmmmm!

  6. You know last night during the Spurs game my HD DVR decided to do an upgrade. 20 minutes during primetime. This is something that should be done in the wee hours of the morning. This is what we pay a fortune for every month: bad service, horrible customer service and crappy scheduling!