Time Warner Service Outage

*Update #6″ – 09:42 am – I think whatever was broken is fixed.  At least everything appears to be working. 17 hour outage.  Fun stuff.

*Update #5* – 06:57 am.  Still can’t browse the Internet, so I guess sleeping on it didn’t help either.  I can ping Google.com, but I can’t browse to it.  Non Web Mail works pretty good (only times out 30-40% of the time)

I guess I’ll head out to The Cowboy Breakfast and see if it’s working when I get back. Oh – and I got the following email sometime in the last few hours.  Guess how I’ll be responding?

Road Runner Support 26, 2007 3:35 AM

subject: Road Runner Wants To Know What You Think

Our records indicate that you recently contacted Technical Support for assistance with your Road Runner high speed data service.  In order to improve the quality of our technical support operations, we would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to provide us with feedback on your experience.
You can access our brief survey by clicking on the following link:
Thank you for your participation, and for choosing Road Runner.

Rudy Flores
Director of Customer Satisfaction

Please do not reply to this message. This email was automatically generated from an unmonitored mailbox. If you require further assistance with your Road Runner service please visit us at help.rr.com where you may find information on frequently asked questions and how to contact us for support by phone, email, or chat.

*Update #4* – 12:57 am.  Finally got through to Time Warner – in Georgia.  They tell me it appears San Antonio is experiencing some major issues (I kinda figured that one out).  They were nice, but they can’t help me tonight.  Had I known this hours ago I would have gone somewhere else to finish my work.  Heavy Sigh.  I’m going to bed – and like a wrenched back or a bad headache, I’ll just hope everything is better when I wake up.


*Update #3* – 12:15 AM – On hold for well over an hour, I put this sound clip on infinite loop and placed my telephone next to it.  I’m going to sleep.  I won’t be getting any satisfaction on this tonight, I don’t think.  I wonder how they will like listening to a recording for a change?

To Time Warner


*Update #2*

It’s now 11:26 PM.  It’s been about 7 1/2 hours and my cable modem and Time Warner Digital Phone still aren’t working correctly.  I’m on hold with Time Warner now.  I’m amused that they are trying to sell me stuff (not really) – especially a Digital Phone (which I have, but you can click the link below and judge the sound quality for yourself).

Time Warner Digital Phone (Tech Support on-hold recording).  Sounds like horny chipmunks overdosing on Viagra, doesn’t it?

So I sit here on hold for 40 minutes or so (so far).  The recording tells me that “all services are affected” for two zip codes. Mine wasn’t one of them.  I have no idea how close the other two zip codes are to my house.  We have a LOT of zip codes here in San Antonio.  If I could Google those Zip Codes, I would.  But my Internet is down.  So that’s not an option.  Every 15 seconds or so a chipmunk comes on the line and tells me that all the agents are still busy (or silly buttheads – I can’t tell for sure).  The music sounds like a CD rolled around in the trunk with about thirty pounds of loose nails for a month.  Except every now and then I hear the horny chipmunks telling how much they appreciate me as a customer.  I think.  They could be telling me to go screw myself. Nice!  I’ll stay on hold until I fall asleep, or they answer – whichever comes first.  So I’ll post this update now, and may or may not have another one before the morning.


* Update * 10:33 PM – this still isn’t fixed.  DNS is still whacked.  I can ping web sites I can’t browse to.  I’m giving up on working tonight – so let’s see 0- this is about 6 hours of my time that Time Warner has caused me to waste today.  If I’m not online, I’m not working.  *sigh*


It’s 5:28 PM.  My Time Warner phone and Internet have been out for ~90 minutes.  My TV still works (thankfully).  Calling Time Warner on my cell phone doesn’t help – I get an immediate busy signal.  On both the generic number and the direct tech support number.


If I could access my blog I would link to my other problems with Time Warner.  You can always do a search on the right sidebar.  I have created a new category though, “Time Warner San Antonio”


Am I pleased?  Yeah, right.  Not likely.  It’ll be hard for Time Warner to make me a happy customer now – even with people like Kami calling me on a Saturday to offer help.  Somehow I think she can’t help on this one.  Most of my neighbors are dead in the water as well – and unhappy as well.  I had to call a friend all the way across town to find someone with service.  This one looks pretty widespread.

Of course, I can’t post this until I get my cable modem back online (I mean, until Time Warner gets my cable modem back online!).  I may update this post in the interim.  For now I am resisting all my urges to call AT&T and get DSL and a dish.  I’ll see how long this lasts, and see what explanation Time Warner has for it (if any – normally they don’t tell you WHY you weren’t getting what you paid for.  But they WILL remind you that they do not guarantee uninterrupted service).

6:10 PM – Finally get through to Time Warner’s automated phone mis-attendant.  “We are currently experiencing problems in your area.  Technician’s have been dispatched.  We can provide no further service until the problem is corrected“.  Great.  That gives me a huge warm and fuzzy!  Why not tell me WHAT is broken, and how long I might expect it to stay broken?  Tell me something – I already knew it was broken!

Here’s an interesting idea – since my cable TV almost always works, even when my Internet and Internet Phone don’t, why not put a scroller on the TV telling me “We know it’s broke.  We’re working on it.  It’ll be another 2 hours or so”?  Or put updates on a specific channel and direct me there? It would save me (and presumably thousands of others) from jamming up the phone system – trying to make sure you at least know my stuff is FUBAR’ed.  This is the age of communicating with customers – and that means near real time communications.  And open communications.  I know computers break.  I know people run into utility poles.  I know people make bad changes to routers or switches.  Things break.  People screw up.  I wish they didn’t, but they do.  I can deal with things breaking, but it’s very frustrating to not know what is happening – especially when Time Warner has the ability to inform me.

6:20 – Phone and Internet (kinda) are back online.  Will I ever find out what happened?  I doubt it.

7:07 – Still screwed up.  I can access some things, not others.  Seems like DNS is whacked.

7:42 – everything is finally working now.  I really wish I knew why it broke.

I’m including a link here to Time Warner San Antonio so they can find this post.


  1. frustrated says:

    Lots of cable modem disconnects with time warner. But they never fix the cause even though they know what it
    is. I have had a tech come out two times. Took about 6 calls to get this. Each tech finds the same problem but time warner never fixes it. Here is the problem on my long street I have two demarcation points or underground boxes (with hubs?) that belong to time warner. One box is about 15 feet from my house. The other is at the far end of my long street. The hub (box) that is about 15 feet away is where I should be connected to…but I am not my house is connected to the one at the way end of the street. I am I quote “the last house on the end of the line”. So the techs say that is the problem…..but for some reason they are not allowed to fix it or just don’t care enough to do it right. Can anybody shed some light on this?

  2. @Winn – Try running AdAware (http://lavasoft.com/single/trialpay.php) – Spyware can be a very persistent thing once you are infected.

  3. Winn Cunningham says:

    I received a notice on August 9, 2008 that complaints were investigated regarding unacceptable use from my high speed service IP address. I have followed all the instructions as presented in your letter and I have also contacted your help line. My anti virus ware shows that the viruses are cleaned up. I still have a box on my screen saying that my computer is infected and has spy ware. The person I talked to at Time warner said I now have to remove my anti virus and anti spay wart protection and reformat my computer. I find this very confusing as I would assume that once I have removed the viruses and spy ware that my problem should be solved. I’ve also been using rr anti virus that I down load when I first subscribed to Time Warner, why did it allow the viruses and inform me there were no viruses?
    I also have not received The e-mail responses that were indicated I would receive.

    Thank You

    Winn Cunningham

  4. Mrs. Suzanne Neal says:

    I feel the Time Warner Techs are not tought to handle enough help information to customers. I spoke with 2 and on the 3rd. try, I finally got someone that filled me in on what was going on with the cable box. They use to be more helpful…..it was like they were right there beside you guiding you along…..no longer happens. All they can say is “I’m sorry, I don’t know”.

  5. Not very helpful. The “Specialist” gave me a Microsoft phone number, they wanted to charge me $45. I finally just tried unplugging the cable and replugging it back in and it worked. So much for all the technical help.

  6. april pedis says:

    kurt was just wonderful at helping w/internet problems. we had a good time and i made him laugh he is quite knowledgeable in his job thanks for such a pleasant experience!

  7. Thanks, Kami. I don’t mean to make your job more difficult – but I’m not going to stop complaining about Time Warner until things just work more consistently – and they take better care of customers when things don’t work – Rob.

  8. I will see what I can find out for you.

  9. It doesn’t sound like chipmunks to me – more like aliens trying to communicate with Earth. Oh, so yeah, that seems about right since Time-Warner seems to think so much of themselves, they may not be of this earth and understand what living here is all about. Therefore their message is garbled and sounds like trash to all of humanity.

    Using one of Hugh’s metaphors for marketing strategies, I would say that this is a viral message gone very, VERY wrong for Time-Warner.