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Robert responded to my Pruning comment based on my previous post here with a fresh post and link – thanks for that.

But it got me thinking, after I re-read my comment to his post  —  why do I like the blogs I like?  In my comment to him I stated that I canceled his link-blog because it isn’t interactive enough.  And that’s true.

But I still read WaiterRant, and I have never responded to that blog (OK, maybe once – can’t verify that – they have some site issues right now).  I read Hugh Macleod (GapingVoid), and he has been pretty responsive (he needs to stay in one country for 30 days straight before I can make a final decision though).

So why do I read WaiterRant and don’t expect to interact, but with Scoble, I expect interaction?  Scoble is a Geek – I am even Geekier (I just keep a lower profile!).  He’s “one of us” – so I expect to learn something from Robert – and I learn from people through engagement.  WaiterRant – that’s just entertainment.  Reading WaiterRant for me is like watching YouTube for others.  It’s a time killer, a time filler, and an unadulterated waste of time.  But it’s enjoyable.

99% of the blogs I read I follow for other reasons though – I read them to learn, to find out what the right questions are – to know who the right people are.  I do not read them for entertainment.

Entertainment blogs don’t need to be interactive to hold my interest.  Technology blogs do.  Your mileage may vary.  It’s just the way my head is unsrewed on, I imagine.



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