TLA’s for social networking "friends"

I would like to suggest that all Social Networking sites adopt a meta-tagging system for our “friends”. When we are “friended”, or reach out to “friend someone” I think we should be attaching one, or more, of the following tags (each a three letter acronym):

RLF – Real Life Friend

OLF – Online Friend

OFF – Online Fake Friend

NFC – No Fucking Clue

POS – Possible Online Stalker (alternate – Piece of Shit)

OCD – Online Creepy Dude (alternate – Online creepy dame)

ASS – Anonymous Social Spammer

FUC – Freaky unknown commenter

DIK Deranged Ignorant Kid

Feel free to add yours in the comments. Just don’t be a FUC, or an ASS, a DIK, or a POS.

And if you are an OLF, or a RLF, then thanks. I do appreciate you!


  1. @Ike – funny. Right after I posted this it was tagged by one of my RLF‘s as a FDLFBD post!

  2. Rob, you’re my BAM.  (Brother from Another Mother.)