Today is Martin Luther King Day

San Antonio has the largest MLK Day parade in the nation (I hear).  Which is pretty amazing, because we don’t have a huge black population – not as a percentage anyway.

I couldn’t sleep so I turned on TV Land.  They are playing the Jefferson’s.  I’m amazed with what they got away with on TV 20 years ago that you couldn’t say today.  Like when the neighbor used the line “they all look alike” – he was talking about a jacket, but there is no doubt it was a racial reference.  Then later George calls a young employee that accuses George of “Being the Man” a “boy“.  Not a child boy.

You can’t get away with those things on Prime Time now.  At least nobody is trying it.  I wonder why not?  Is it that we just don’t need to talk about racial issues anymore, or do we just choose not to?  I doubt it is the former.

To the tens of thousands of San Antonio supporters of the MLK parade – as many as 100,000 of you, if you match last year’s numbers – I salute you. 

I’m proud that San Antonio is such a diverse town, yet we all seem to get along so well.