Today’s Topic is Stress

I often tell people that my current job doesn’t stress me out much. I can’t make a mistake and kill a baby. I can make a mistake that costs us money, but this is not life and death. I have dealt with the stress surrounding life and death. This is a different (more manageable) level of stress.

The truth is every job produces stress at times, and I do feel it on occasion.

As a manager, when I feel stressed out I always try to stress up, and not stress down.

In other words, when I am stressed, I stress out my managers, and not my employees. I figure my manager’s get paid to deal with it, and my employees don’t.

So a very short post.

When stressing out, stress up. Never stress down.

If your bosses don’t react to it well then find new bosses. Or find a new job.

But never stress down – your employees don’t deserve it and probably can’t affect the cause of your stress anyway.