TomTom One XL and T-Mobile MDA

tomtom-onexl Today I got my TomTom One XL to talk to my T-Mobile MDA over Bluetooth.  Better yet, my TomTom can now talk to the TomTom network via my cell phone.

This doesn’t sound like a big deal, except for the longest time I just couldn’t get them to talk.  They would pair up over Bluetooth just fine, but the TomTom just wouldn’t use the data connection to the cellular network.t-mobile-mda-g

So I threw out everything TomTom told me to set and put the following settings into the TomTom:

  • Enter the Main Menu
  • Right Arrow to the second main menu screen
  • Select "Manage Phones"
  • Make sure the MDA is set up with Bluetooth on, and "Make this device discoverable" checked
  • On the TomTom click on "Yes" to start searching for the phone
  • When the device is found, "Connect to WINDOWSMOBILE5" – click Yes.
  • At the next screen ("This phone may now be used…") click continue.
  • When asked if you want to set up a data connection, click yes.
  • The TomTom will try to configure the data connection.  When it gets to about 25% it will pop up a menu for you to select a phone type.
  • Select "OTHER"
  • TomTom gets to 50% and prompts for your country.  Click United States (I am assuming this works only in the US)
  • TomTom prompts for the Cellular Carrier.  Select "T-Mobile US (I)".
  • TomTom searches more… at 65% it will fail and ask if you want to try a different phone model, or set up manually.  Choose Manual.
  • When prompted for Access Point name erase what it there and type in"" (no quotes)
  • click OK
  • Leave the username blank (click ok)
  • Leave the password blank (click ok)
  • When prompted about DHCP IP address click Automatic
  • For DNS DHCP, click Automatic
  • When prompted for the number to dial, delete what is there and replace it with "*99#" (again no quotes) and press OK.
  • The next screen is "Login Script".  Erase what is there and leave this blank (press OK)
  • TomTom will start searching again.  After a few moments you will be asked to send some data to TomTom – agree or skip it – your choice (I agreed)
  • That’s is.  A few more moments of searching and your TomTom will happily be connected to your T-Mobile MDA over Bluetooth.  This allows you to get weather, and the GPSFix files over the cellular network.  In the future you will also be able to get traffic info (not available in the US yet).

I think this should also allow you to set up TomTom friends – but I don;t know anyone else with a TomTom with this feature.  If you have one, and want to be "friends", let me know in the comments.

And please, if this helped you, leave me a short comment.  I spent a lot of time figuring this out!


  1. I tried this. It didn’t work for me, but I believe the problem is that I have not paid for data service on my cell phone.

  2. @oksoiam12 – I don’t have WM6, but I can’t imagine why the connection strings wouldn’t be the same – that’s just the handshake data with T-Mobile. What do you mean by not a lot of luck to connect? Connect to what? The BlueTooth or T-Mobile? (I get a lot of hits on this post about how to connect to BlueTooth)

  3. oksoiam12 says:

    i have the one with the tmobile mda and wm6 not haveing a lot of luck to conect
    i have the same problem rob no one to check the buddy thing out with

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