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Great new series of posts for new startups.

I especially like what is said about mentors – I’ve had some great ones.  I hope one day to be a great one.

What I learned about my mentors is that  they were all very different than each other – yet all added a vast amount of knowledge and experience into my life.  Both personally and professionally.

What makes a great mentor? Ultimately, great mentors see something in you, and help you reach your potential. They dont always do this with direct advice. Often, they do it with introductions, resources, or through the process of thinking out loud with you. Your best mentors will become friends and permanent fixtures in your life.

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  1. @Yuvi – that’s why I wear sandals so often – I like to how off my giant toes :). But seriously, thanks.

  2. You sure do have very big toes….

  3. @Yuvi – I said above, “I hope one day to be a great one.” Right now I’m just dipping my toes in the mentoring pool! 🙂

  4. Being one yourself…. [complete the sentence]