Toys I want

I want a remote that knows what I am doing based on what I am doing. If it sees I put a DVD in then it should change to a DVD remote. If I put a game into the XBOX it should be an XBOX remote. I just want a smarter remote. I have a lot of really stupid ones.

I want to be able to hook my game console up to multiple monitors/TVs. When I play Gears of War on my XBOX360 with my kids I want a dedicated display. When the goal is survival, I don’t like sharing. Screen real estate rules.

I want something that trims the nose and ear hairs while I sleep – so I never need to think of them again. I don’t know where they came from all of a sudden anyway.

I want the doors from Star Trek.

I want a cordless phone system that has just a little bit of brains – if I add a number into one handset’s memory, I want it to promulgate to ALL of my handsets.

I want NFL TV and FoxHD on Time Warner in San Antonio.

Vacuuming is easy – I want a robot that can dust all my crap. Even the stuff on the top shelf.

NONE of this was announced at CES. *sigh*. Maybe next year.



  1. @Deannie – Yes, it’s gotten a lot of coverage on the local stations here. I think people getting upset over anyone taking foreign currency is really, really stupid. I’ve traveled all over the world and my US Dollars were accepted almost everywhere – so what’s the issue?

    Stupid people is the issue, IMHO 🙂

  2. I am still a believer in getting out of my chair instead of using a remote all the time. But then, I haven’t subscribed to cable in years…

    Hey, did you see this article:

    I just see a restaurant trying to be customer friendly. I am interested in your perspective as a resident of Texas.