Traffic Drivers – Digg, Clicked, Or StumbleUpon?

I’ve been Digg’d (in a very small way), linked to StumbleUpon, and today “Clicked”.  “Clicked” is an MSNBC blog I have followed since day one.  Basically, it’s one guy blogging, “What I clicked today”.


My StumbleUpon link are pretty much ones I have fed into the system myself. I don’t have a Digg account (about the only “social” think on the web I DON’T belong to).  “Clicked” doesn’t give me any way to “prime the pump” other that sharing something with them they feel is interesting enough to include.

In any case, of the three, which bring in the most traffic?

First – I have to say that it all depends on the day of the week.  Fridays are (I know) very slow blogging days.  I have 400+ feeds I read a day, and they are all slow on Friday.  That makes Digg slower on Friday.

Clicked is not different – I bet their numbers show a decrease in readership on Friday (but I bet they make up for it over the weekend).

Anyway, I made Clicked today (see previous post).  I received about 40% more clicks from being “Clicked” than I did from being “Digged”.

StumbleUpon is different – I don’t see that huge “day one” influx of readers – but the clicks keep coming with StumbleUpon.  They don’t stop after a day, or even 5 days.  Digg traffic lasts a day. Clicked maybe a few days (if you hit them on a Friday). 

StumbleUpon keeps on going, and going, and going.

Numerically – I got more hits from the Clicked-Linked-Post than from Digg or StumbleUpon.  But visibility?  I think StumbleUpon provides more.

Now what would be really cool is if MSNBC, Digg, and others all added a “Stumble” capability to their sites.  Show me stuff I might not have seen otherwise.

In fact, I am looking at adding this functionality to my blog – what better way to keep people around, and let them know what my blog is about (nothing, folks – it’s about nothing) then letting them randomly get a post?


  1. Be careful with Stumbleupon!