I was out on my motorcycle today (it was a beautiful 81 degree day here in San Antonio!).  I got stuck waiting for a train.  For 20 minutes.

So for 20 minutes I have nothing to look at but box car after box car.  Some with graffiti – most just blank.

Why isn’t anyone advertising on these things?  You talk about a captive audience!

And what if the advertising was digital – where multiple train cars could be networked and share a long message/ad and perhaps even a pseudo animated ad?

Why aren’t there ATT, Geico and Microsoft ads on trains?

Is there a law that prevents it?


  1. Good point – the trains in Europe to seem to be “prettier”.

    Most of the cars on this train were good old fashioned box cars, not containers. About 50 or the railroad cars were verhicle shippers (moving Toyota Tundra trucks from the ne wplant here to destinations unknown…).

  2. I imagine that most trains carry containers and I just can’t imagine containers being a viable vehicle for a digital image. Just imagine the treatment they get in addition to salty air conditions.

    I haven’t seen a train that looked modern or nice to observe except in museums. Are they just too utilitarian to be made aesthetically pleasing too?