TransGuide Dies

I’ve never seen weather bad enough to kill TransGuide  – our automated traffic control/monitoring system.  It’s all out – the Website, the Cameras, and the traffic control signals.  It appears the TransGuide offices suffered a severe power failure – they are in a complete blackout.  All 144+ traffic cameras in and around San Antonio are down and out.  Fun Times!

Meanwhile, the local NBC affiliate has done their normal stellar job – non-stop storm coverage for over 12 hours.  I love WOAI – anyone that was here for the bad flooding in the late 1990’s/earlier 2000 will remember the excellent coverage they provided.

So far, no power issues here – but as I look at the ice building up on the trees in the back yard, I wonder how long it will be until over-loaded branches start snapping and taking out power lines.

Paul, I may need that generator back!

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  1. at around 8:30pm I had a large branch from a tree in my back yard break off and fall. Lots of ice on the trees….