Treasures from the Past

Please forgive the quality of this picture – it was scanned from a 35+ year old newspaper article.

When I was a child we lived in a small farming community in Illinois, and we collected all manner of pets – this one is one of the more unusual ones.  We also had a pet raccoon, squirrel, opossum, and others. 

This picture was in the Chicago Tribune, and I am unsure of the exact date.  Click the picture for a high-resolution image (sorry about the lines in the scan – they are in the original).  Update – opening it in a viewer and zooming in actually removes most of the lines.  I’m not sure why)

I hope my brothers can download a copy of this.

I’m the cute one, top, left.  It’s amazing my parents kept this for so long, and it is barely faded, and has no folds or wrinkles in it whatsoever.  But it’s a shame the date wasn’t recorded somewhere.  Perhaps one of my brothers remembers when it was taken (my dad is 75, and he could only guess – which is all I can do.  I figure I was about 9 or 10, making it 35 or 36 years ago).


  1. More pertaining to the pic… The brief article was written by our neighbor Joan Hurling, who became a published author, and it did not appear in the Chicago Tribune but it was the Kankakee Daily Journal. This I remember. The K3 Journal has an archive online but not sure if it will go back that far.

  2. Oh – the 1 inch newt that got ten inches long? Yeah – he kept us bug-free for a long time!


  3. Cool…still trying to get the 2nd off but will let you know as soon as I know. And yet another pet story…what about the newt that got lose in the basement?

  4. Oh, and Ric – I got your email about possible visiting on Dec 1 – come on up! I tried to reply but my email bounced back.


  5. Oh, and I think it was a dead rabbit Jay kept under the bed. Maybe he’ll jump on here and fess up. I don’t remember for sure, but I *do* remember that Mom wasn’t too pleased when she found it 🙂


  6. That I swear I don’t remember..but if it did happen….I’m sure that my “loving” older brothers put me up to it.

  7. Well, before you judge Jay too harshly – wasn’t it you that planted birdseed and watered it every day for weeks hoping to “grow birds”?


  8. Rob, I think it was 1969. I notice I still have my little finger so that gives us a small clue as to the year. And as for pets we’ve owned…don’t forget the dead rooster under the bed that Jay kept as his pet. Never could figure that one out.