Trinity is now a verb

Trinity, according to, is a noun.

But not after this weekend – and not after Monday Night Football referred to a play as something like "doing a Trinity".

It is this play, which many of you have seen many times already – and those of you who haven’t won’t understand how amazing 15 lateral passes on one play is.  Most teams don’t have that many lateral passes in a season!

And yes, this is a local college – an amazingly good one, academically.  And sometimes athletically.


  1. @Ike – not historical without trampling the band, eh? 😛

    Oh, and Shel Israel pointed out that I wasn’t clear about the “doing a Trinity” phrase – that was said last night during the Monday Night Football game between Denver and Green Bay.

  2. “Best play ever?”

    Not until I see a trombone player eat leather and turf.