Trip report – Little Rock, Arkansas

I went to Little Rock mostly for fun, although I did have some business I took care of while I was there. 

I saw my dad, who lives an hour away (and that was cool). I also stayed at a very nice Comfort Inn downtown – they had a free shuttle to damn near anywhere that was available whenever me and my friends were ready to explore.  The free WiFI was VERY fast.  And the maid never complained about the mess six old friends left after an evening of “preparing for a Bob Seger concert”.  We studied hard, and were well-prepared :)  The concert was great – Bob Seger hasn’t lost a step (or a note).

We saw the Bill Clinton Presidential Library.  Yawn.  It was pretty, right on the river, but yawn.  I’ve seen more better.  I like interactive libraries, and there wasn’t anything interactive here except for them to take my money and give me a ticket for entrance.

I also saw a lot of Little Rock, and it’s a very nice town.  They have a Flying Saucer there (and I bought a T-Shirt since The Flying Saucer is my local haunt here in San Antonio).  There is a free trolley that runs all over downtown and out to the Clinton library.  The driver was funny and engaging – we enjoyed her.

But it was also very cold, and wet, and windy.  I now have a sore throat (and no – not from yelling at the concert – I’m way to old for that stuff!).  I think I may be getting the flu – but hopefully it’s just a sore throat from the cold.  It was bitterly cold for my skinny little ass who is used to living in really warm places!  My whole freaking face is chapped.  Not just my lips.  My entire face!

If you ever have a chance to spend some time in Little Rock I suggest you do – it’s a nice town, and never once was I worried about my safety – not even downtown very late at night.


  1. Deannie – I’ll try it – thanks!

    Tad – He’s doing well. Looked in good health and seemed happy enough (except you know he was hating the cold as much as I was!)

  2. How’s dad doing? I’m hoping to get up there and see him sometime soon.

  3. I recommend Curel Ultra healing lotion. I have had a chapped face and it can sting!