Trying hard NOT to sell something

I’ve had my motorcycle for sale for a while – a couple months at least.  I have had a lot of people call, but only two or three serious buyers.  I AM asking top dollar for my bike – because I really do not want to sell it.  I am afraid that if I do, I will just go out and buy another bike.  Every time I think I can do without a motorcycle, I prove myself wrong.

Some people are just meant to ride motorcycles, and I think I am one of them.  When I am on my bike I feel completely free of all of life’s troubles, burdens, etc.  I think differently when I am on my bike.  I think more creatively when I am on my bike.  Instead of thinking “Why?” I tend to think, “What if?”.  It’s hard to explain to someone that has never ridden.  It’s just a different world when you are on an open road on a motorcycle.  It’s completely different.

I had someone look at my bike today – and he really wants it.  He made a decent offer – somewhat below what I am asking, but somewhat above Blue Book.  I told him I would think about it – so I have been. 

I think I keep my bike.  It’s really been as responsible for maintaining my sanity over the last few years as my kids have been.  Anytime I am stressed, or just need time to think, I take off on my bike.  Sometimes for 20 minutes.  Sometimes for 4 hours.  But each time, when I ride her back into the garage, I have a better handle on my emotions and a better outlook on life than I did before I took off.  And that makes it worth keeping, even if I don’t get to ride it as much as I would like.

And it’s paid for, so it’s not like it’s costing me much.  Insurance for me, at 45 with no accidents EVER, and no speeding tickets since I was 18, is damn near free.  It’s actually $26/month.  Cheap.  Much cheaper than a therapist.

And unlike a therapist, the bike is available to me 24/7, weather permitting.