Tubes. Connect Instantly.

 I’ve been playing with Tubes for a couple of days (Windows only, for now – a browser version is under development).  It’s amazingly easy to use – install it on your machine, create a “tube” and drop files in it.  Invite someone via email to join your Tube, and after they install the client they have synchronized access to any files you put in the tube.  You can let them be an Author, an Editor, or a Reader.  I use Tube to keep data on my home server available from my laptop – no matter where I am. 

As you can see, I have Tubes for Critical Files (basically things I don’t want to lose), Working Documents, Files Shared with my kids (They have Tubes installed as well), Software (for installing various tools), Music, and finally I have one client that I’ve set a Tube up with – no more emailing huge PowerPoint slides back and forth – or setting up FTP.  Just drop the client’s documents on the Tube, and I’m done.  The client’s Tube is auto-magically updated to reflect the new file(s) I dropped.

You can follow the link to learn more – especially about Tube security.  It’s quite safe, so I feel comfortable putting even sensitive data in my Tubes.

Currently doesn’t seem to work on Windows 2003 Server (it installs, and runs fine until a reboot – then it complains that a service is missing).  But on my XP and Vista machines this just works.

If you need to keep documents synch’ed on multiple Windows computers, go try Tubes.

Tubes instantly builds synchronized, secure connections (what we call a “tube”) between your desktop and the desktop of your friends, family, co-workers – even your other computers. Now anything you drop in a tube is whisked to the desktop of anyone you choose – and vice versa. And Tubes syncs any changes in every tube ensuring you’re always up to date – even when you don’t have an internet connection. Click to learn more.

Source: Tubes. Connect Instantly.